A proven leader. An effective advocate.
A neighbor you can trust.

I get it. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, counting the pennies to make sure I had enough food to put on the table every week.

It wasn’t always easy, but I put myself through school while balancing work and single parenthood. You do what you have to do. We all do. That’s what helped me find the grit and resourcefulness to make change happen. As your State Senator, I’ll take on the issues that hit us hard every day. Things like job creation, livable wages, public school funding, and treating the addiction epidemic like the mental health crisis it is.

Like so many others, I got my start in community activism when I encountered a problem no one else was fixing.

As a young mom, I fought to get school bus access for the children in our neighborhood. The group we formed grew to address many other issues facing local residents – giving regular people a voice in making government work for them. Now it’s time to rally the community again. Please join me.